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Bold Not Old: Embrace Your Entrepreneur Spirit in Retirement with Wallis Pattisonn


Wallis is an authority on how to be an ageing entrepreneur. She is a speaker, and author and is intent on disrupting the accepted norm around what is possible as we age. Wallis is different to most people her age, she is straightforward, quirky and has an attitude of let’s give it a try. She is the founder of Bold Not Old, a platform for education and self-awareness for ‘The Silver Economy’ and CEO and editor-in-chief of Empowering Boldness a bi-monthly magazine.

Her passion is to challenge those who are 55+ to get out of their comfort zone rethink retirement and have a go at being an entrepreneur. She encourages creativity, daring to be different, thinking fabulous and proving that pursuing a passion can add years to our lives. As Wallis herself says “there is no Utopia, but life can be joyous, even the challenges can be small bumps on the journey to what is next”

In this episode Wallis and I discuss challenging the traditional beliefs about aging, explore the power of entrepreneurship in retirement and the ability for today’s ‘retirees’ to disrupt societal norms.

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