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Be a Retirement Rebel and Live Your Victory Lap Retirement with Mike Drak


Mike Drak is a retirement lifestyle expert and renowned author. He is the author of three books: "Longevity Lifestyle by Design," "Victory Lap Retirement," and "Retirement, Heaven and Hell." With his expertise in retirement lifestyle design, Mike has become a go-to expert for high-profile blogs and organizations. He is also a contributor to the digital media hub called Booming Encore. Mike emphasises the non-financial aspects of retirement and the importance of finding purpose and meaningful activities in retirement. His personal story of struggling with retirement shock adds to his credibility and understanding of the challenges faced by retirees. Overall, Mike’s achievements and credentials establish him as a trusted authority in the field of retirement lifestyle design.

In this episode I dig into Mike's extensive experience and expertise in retirement planning, combined with his passion for helping people live their best retirement lives and it made for an incredibly insightful conversation. We discussed the non-financial elements of retirement, how to design a fulfilling retirement lifestyle, and the importance of mindset in achieving a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement.

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