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The Money Sandwich: Balancing Adult Children, Aging Parents, and Retirement with Marc Bineham


Have you ever herd of ‘the sandwich generation’? Are you part of it? And if so, what challenges does it bring to your retirement?

Well. In this episode I get to have a conversation with a guy that has literally wrote the book on the subject!

Mark Bineham is one of Australia’s top keynote speakers on retirement and the award-winning author of 'The Money Sandwich”.

Mark’s goal has always been to help people live their very best life through positive mindset, promoting well-being and simply achieving financial freedom that much sooner, because in his words “we all deserve that, don’t we?.

In 2019, a turning point occurred in his life when he underwent open-heart surgery. Prompting a re-evaluation of his 30-year career as a financial advisor, including four years as the national president of the Association of Financial Advisers. While he always loved helping his own clients reach their goals and aspirations, he realised most people just couldn’t afford help or advice, and that had to change.

That’s when he decided to pour all the knowledge he gained over his career into a book, which he proudly titled The Money Sandwich and subsequently setting up a family business with his Daughter Katherine by the same name which enables him to take this message out to the wider world through presentations, workshops and courses.

In this thought-provoking conversation Mark and I discuss the challenges faced by the sandwich generation, who are responsible for supporting both their adult children and aging parents. Mark emphasises the importance of having conversations about retirement and estate planning with your elderly parents and adult children. He also introduces the concept of the 'third act' as a more positive and fulfilling way to approach retirement and highlights the need for mindset shifts and an understanding of the emotional aspects of money in order to achieve happiness in retirement.

Our conversation explores changing attitudes towards work and retirement, the negative connotations of money, the impact of financial stress on productivity and health, the importance of talking about money, the value that financial planning professionals add at this stage of life, and what financial freedom looks and feels like.


  • The sandwich generation faces the challenge of supporting both adult children and aging parents.

  • Having conversations about retirement and estate planning with elderly parents is crucial to avoid future conflicts.

  • The 'third act' is a more positive and fulfilling way to approach retirement.

  • Understanding the emotional aspects of money is essential for achieving happiness in retirement. Younger generations are redefining work-life balance and are more focused on enjoying life.

  • Financial stress is a major cause of anxiety, arguments, and relationship breakdowns.

  • Financial stress negatively affects productivity in the workplace.

  • Talking about money and seeking professional help can alleviate financial stress.

  • Financial planning professionals can provide guidance and support in managing money and achieving financial freedom.


00:00 Introduction and Background

05:25 Unleashing Your Third Act

08:34 The Money Sandwich and the Sandwich Generation

14:30 Challenges of Supporting Adult Children

22:35 Challenges of Supporting Aging Parents

29:24 Reframing Retirement as the Third Act

38:44 Money Shifts for Happiness

45:31 Changing Attitudes Towards Work and Retirement

47:00 The Negative Connotations of Money

48:31 Financial Stress and its Impact on Productivity and Health

49:30 The Importance of Talking About Money

50:52 The Need for Financial Planning Professionals

53:51 What Financial Freedom Looks Like

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