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Navigating Money and Relationships in Retirement with Ed Coambs


In this episode, Ed Combs, a financial planner, and therapist, discusses the challenges couples face in managing money and planning for retirement. He shares his personal journey from being a firefighter to becoming a financial planner and therapist. Ed emphasizes the importance of understanding one's own relationship with money and how it impacts relationships. He introduces the concept of financial intimacy and explains how it can help couples navigate the complexities of retirement planning. Ed also highlights the role of attachment theory in understanding couples' dynamics around money.

In this conversation, Ed and I discuss the challenges couples face when transitioning from work to retirement and how financial therapy can help. He emphasises the importance of creating a safe space for vulnerability and open communication. He also explores the influence of childhood experiences on money management and the challenge of spending money in retirement. Our conversation highlights the need for balance in money management and the role of financial therapy in helping couples live a happy and fulfilling retirement.


  • Understanding one's own relationship with money is crucial for successful financial planning and healthy relationships.

  • Couples often have different expectations and visions for retirement, which can lead to conflicts and challenges.

  • Financial intimacy, where both partners are actively involved in financial decision-making and have open and honest conversations about money, is essential for a harmonious retirement.

  • Attachment theory can provide insights into individuals' behaviours and attitudes towards money and relationships. Couples often struggle to transition from work to retirement and may find it difficult to let go and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

  • Creating a safe space for vulnerability and open communication is crucial for couples to navigate retirement successfully.

  • Childhood experiences play a significant role in shaping individuals' attitudes and behaviours towards money.

  • Spending money in retirement can be a psychological challenge, and finding a balance between spending and saving is essential.

  • Financial therapy can help couples address their money-related issues and create a healthy and fulfilling retirement.


00:00 Introduction and Background

06:15 The Journey to Financial Therapy

10:35 The Healthy Love and Money Way

23:34 The Importance of Financial Intimacy

28:00 The Struggle to Transition from Work to Retirement

32:38 Creating a Safe Space for Vulnerability

35:12 The Influence of Childhood Experiences on Money

38:18 The Challenge of Spending Money in Retirement

44:07 The Importance of Balance in Money Management

51:08 The Role of Financial Therapy in Retirement

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