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Happiness, Fulfilment & Contentment in Retirement with Neil Bage


In this episode of the Humans vs Retirement podcast, Dan is joined by Neil Bage, co-founder of Shaping Wealth, to discuss the subconscious behaviours that drive decision making in retirement. As a renowned expert in bridging scientific theory with real world understanding, Neil offers valuable insights into understanding and overcoming behavioural and emotional challenges of retirement. Together, Dan and Neil examine the intersection of the behavioural, emotional, and financial challenges that retirees often face and offer practical advice for achieving a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement.

What You’ll Learn

The listener will learn about the challenges of retirement, particularly the importance of understanding human behaviour and the need to maintain a sense of purpose and identity. The podcast emphasizes the importance of preparing early, identifying activities that bring happiness and fulfilment, and focusing on purpose and identity in retirement planning. Dan and Neil also discuss the cognitive changes that occur during retirement and the conflict between our present and future selves.

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About My Guest

Neil is an expert at bridging complex behavioural science with practical, tech-enabled application. He has served as a Chief Behavioural Officer for a UK-based financial planning firm and was the founder of an award-winning behavioural technology business. He has presented to thousands of business professionals around the world on human evolution, human biology, and behavioural psychology.

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