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Embracing Triumph, Transition, and Transformation for a vibrant retirement with Dr. Preston Cherry


Dr. Preston Cherry is the Founder & President of Concurrent Financial Planning, Head of the Financial Planning Program, and Director of the Charles Schwab Centre for Personal Financial Planning at the UW – Green Bay. Preston specializes in empowering individuals to share stories that inform their financial resources and life’s design to achieve financial wellness and freedom that cultivates life wholeness. Preston has been cited by the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance. He is an Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisor, 2022 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARY Finalist, Ten to Watch in 2023, President of the Financial Therapy Association and practitioner editor of the award-winning Journal of Financial Planning.

In this episode Dr. Cherry and I discuss the importance of understanding the meaning of retirement and creating a vision for the future. He introduces the concept of the four T's: trial, triumph, transition, and transformation, and explains how these stages can impact one's retirement journey. We also discuss the emotional aspect of money and the need to give oneself permission to enjoy retirement. Dr. Cherry shares personal stories and insights to inspire you to embrace your financial freedom and live a fulfilling retirement.

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