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Shifting the Retirement Mindset to “Think, Feel, Do” with Ross Marino


Ross Marino is the founder of Transitus Wealth Partners and the founder & CEO of Advisor 2X which organises and hosts global leading human first financial conferences such as SHIFT. He is a passionate advocate for Human-First Financial Guidance and author of the brilliant book Shaping Change: How To Respond When Life Disrupts Your Retirement Plan. He is a Certified Financial Transitionist and a key member of the Sudden Money Institute.

In this episode Ross and I discuss the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and resilience in retirement and reveal how these qualities are crucial because our decisions are shaped by our experiences and learning, making them rational to us. We talk through why Ross believes that being open to change and adapting to new circumstances is key to navigating retirement successfully.

Furthermore, Ross and I discuss the freedom and agency that retirement brings, emphasising that after decades of constraints on resources like time, energy, and money, retirement allows individuals to make their own choices. Whether it's continuing to work, pursuing hobbies, or spending time with family, retirees have the ability to determine how they want to spend their time and resources. This newfound freedom is seen as exciting and empowering.

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