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How our money can make us truly ‘wealthy’ in retirement with Dr Daniel Crosby


In this episode of the Human vs Retirement podcast, Dan is joined by Dr Daniel Crosby, Chief Behaviour Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, a clinical psychologist, behavioural finance expert, and New York Times best-selling author. In their discussion, Dr Crosby shares his journey from clinical psychology to finance and the behavioural challenges individuals face in retirement. They delve into the power of habits, the role of social connections, and the importance of understanding one's values when planning for retirement. Tune in for this insightful conversation on overcoming the behavioural, emotional, and financial challenges of retirement.

What You’ll Learn

The listener will learn about the intersection of psychology and finance regarding retirement, including the emotional and psychological challenges of life after work, the importance of maintaining identity and purpose, the need for flexibility in your retirement plans, and the impact of money on happiness. This episode provides tips, mental models and tools for successful retirement planning and developing a mindset for a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement.

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About My Guest

Dr. Daniel Crosby is a New York Times best-selling author, clinical psychologist, behavioural finance expert, and host of the standard deviations podcast. He is currently the Chief Behaviour Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. Dr. Crosby has written two brilliant New York times bestselling books, "The Laws of Wealth" and "The Behavioural Investor," which have had a material impact on the careers of many financial advisors and the general public. He is known for being a translator between academicians and advisors, helping to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Dr. Crosby's work focuses on the intersection of psychology and finance, and he is dedicated to helping people make better financial decisions.

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