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Sleeping Your Way to a Vibrant Retirement: The Science & Strategies for Optimal Sleep with Frances Taylor


Frances Taylor is known as “The Sleep Fixer” and is a wellbeing expert supporting business leaders, managers and teams to build personal and organisational resilience.

Frances says that “sleep is the Cinderella of Good Health. People knew about diet and exercise but take sleep for granted – until that is, they wake up to the fact that they aren’t getting enough”.

She has distilled all her experience and learning to create powerful science-backed programmes that show people how to sleep well, work well and live well.

Frances is a Trustee and Fellow of the International Stress Management Association (UK) with specific responsibility for establishing new professional standards. I also established a regional network for businesses and individuals working in the field.

Frances is trained in CBTi, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) which is now the clinically researched front line treatment for both the UK and US.

In this episode Frances and I explore the often-overlooked subject of sleep and its impact on retirement and later life well-being. Frances shares valuable insights on the importance of good quality sleep as well as practical tips and strategies on improving your sleep quality and how to spot the signs that will affect your sleep.

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