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Health & Wealth Are Two Sides of The Same Coin with Dr Phil Pearlman


Dr Phil Pearlman is the founder of The Pearl Institute, a teacher by nature and expert in the areas of personal health and effective processes of change.

Phil set out on his own health journey after spending years neglecting his wellbeing and happiness and emerged thriving and eager to help others. From that he created The Pearl Institute and has dedicated his life to helping people optimize their wellbeing. That’s his calling!

He is the author of The Primecuts Newsletter, which focuses on cultivating a healthy lifestyle and mindset through the powers of creativity, reinvention, and grit and has been an advisor to and investor in social/digital media companies. He has served as CBO and CMO at Osprey Funds, EVP at Bank OZK, Executive Editor at Stocktwits, and Interactive Editor at Yahoo Finance.

Phil earned a Doctor of Psychology degree from Argosy University and lives with his wife and two boys in Montebello, New York.

In this episode Dr Phil and I discuss the importance of health in retirement and how it impacts our ability to enjoy and make the most of our financial resources we've accumulated and more importantly the newfound time and freedom we have. Phil shares his knowledge and wisdom on growing healthier, performing better, leading stronger lives, and making wiser decisions, all of which can be applied to retirement.

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