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Reflecting On Season 2: What it Means To Be a Retirement Rebel with Me Dan Haylett

This is the 27th and final episode of season 2 of the Humans vs Retirement podcast

As I reflect on the past four months I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone of you that continues to tune in to the show week after week. The growth of the listenership has been mind blowing and the feedback I'm getting shows the impact that these conversations are having and that is truly humbling!

In this solo episode I share five personal takeaways from the season's conversations, including the importance of embracing change and growth, social connections and mental well-being, actively shaping retirement life, and embracing transitions for a vibrant retirement.

I also share what I think is the step change that is happening in retirement right now, that is the rise of the retirement rebels...

What is a retirement rebel? Why is there a retirement rebellion happening? and what are the challenges of being one?

I also share what I believe to be the biggest misconception that people embarking on retirement have and what they get wrong the most, you wont want to miss what I have to say!

Here are the links to the free resources that I mention in the episode...

Here is to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... see you in 2024! 

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