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The Power of Building Social Networks in Retirement with Lee Robertson


Lee Robertson, a former financial planner and co-founder of Octo Members, shares insights on the challenges and changes in retirement over the years. He emphasises the importance of planning for retirement, not just financially but also in terms of filling one's day and pursuing passions. Lee discusses the shift from traditional final salary (DB) pensions to defined contribution plans and the need for individuals to navigate retirement on their own. He encourages people to focus on creating memory dividends and living a fulfilled retirement. Lee also shares his personal journey of stepping away from a successful financial planning business to pursue his passion in setting up Octo Members. In this conversation, Lee discusses the importance of sleep and mental wellbeing in retirement. He shares his personal struggles with sleep and how it affected his transition from owning a financial planning business to starting a new start-up. Lee also recommends resources, such as Daniel Huberman's series and the Humans vs Retirement podcast, for people heading into retirement.


  • Retirement is a life transition that requires planning and preparation, both financially and in terms of filling one's day with meaningful activities.

  • The challenges in retirement include concerns about financial security, finding purpose and identity, and adapting to a new lifestyle.

  • Retirement has changed over the years, with the shift from traditional pensions to defined contribution plans and the need for individuals to take more responsibility for their retirement savings.

  • Creating memory dividends and pursuing passions are important aspects of a fulfilling retirement.

  • Following passion and purpose can lead to a more satisfying retirement, even if it means stepping away from a successful career or business.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:11 Challenges in Transitioning to Retirement

07:05 The Changing Landscape of Retirement

13:11 Retirement Challenges Over the Years

19:23 The Importance of Planning and Creating Memory Dividends

23:49 The Modern-Day Retirement

29:24 Stepping Away from a Successful Business

37:32 Following Passion and Purpose

45:30 Doing More of What You Love in Retirement

45:55 Recommended Resources

46:24 Sleep and Mental Wellbeing

47:22 Resources for Retirement

48:23 Closing Remarks

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