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The Importance of Addressing Your "Money Scripts" in Retirement with Sonya Lutter


In this episode, Sonya Lutter discusses the intersection of financial wellbeing and mental health in retirement. She emphasises the importance of addressing money scripts and financial behaviours, as well as aligning spending with values in retirement. Sonia also explores the challenges that arise in marriage and relationships during retirement and highlights the significance of purpose in leading a happy and fulfilling retirement. Additionally, she discusses the value of working with a financial advisor in achieving financial satisfaction and relationship satisfaction in retirement. In this episode, Dan and Sonia discuss the key to happiness in retirement and the impact of financial planning on people's lives. They also explore Sonia's work and resources for individuals and couples preparing for retirement. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the importance of love in retirement planning.


  • Financial planning can lead to greater happiness and freedom in retirement.

  • Sonia offers online courses, books, and research papers to help individuals and couples prepare for retirement.

  • Love should be prioritised over money when planning for retirement.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 The Intersection of Financial Wellbeing and Mental Health

08:21 The Emotive Nature of Money

11:02 Money Scripts and Financial Behaviours

14:55 The Importance of Addressing Money Scripts in Retirement

19:06 The Challenge of Spending Money in Retirement

21:35 Aligning Spending and Values in Retirement

27:04 Navigating Changes in Marriage and Relationships in Retirement

30:47 Mental Health Challenges in Retirement

34:47 The Importance of Purpose in Retirement

38:55 The Value of Working with a Financial Advisor

47:01 The Key to Happiness

48:03 Sonia's Work and Resources

49:21 Love Comes First

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