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Age Well and Feel Great: Optimise Your Age and Live Stronger in Your Second Half with Al Lyman


Al Lyman discusses the importance of health and quality of life in retirement. He emphasises the difference between lifespan and healthspan, highlighting the need to focus on the quality of years rather than just the number of years lived. Al shares personal anecdotes about his mother's health struggles and the impact it had on her and her family. He provides practical steps for boosting energy and health in retirement, including focusing on real food, reducing sugar intake, and incorporating exercise. Al also addresses the importance of strength training, maintaining muscle mass, and the enjoyment and achievement that come with taking control of one's health in retirement. The conversation explores the importance of health in retirement and the second half of life. Al emphasizes the need to prioritize health over material possessions and accumulate wealth for the purpose of enjoying time and experiences. Al also shares his personal experiences and aspirations for his own second half, highlighting the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and creating meaningful memories with loved ones.


  • Material possessions lose their importance in the face of ill health.

  • It is crucial to prioritise health in the 30-45 age group to prevent future difficulties.

  • Accumulating wealth should be for the purpose of enjoying time and experiences.

  • Living stronger in the second half of life involves taking control of one's health and creating meaningful memories.


00:00 Introduction and Excitement for the Conversation

01:12 The Importance of Health in Retirement

03:03 The Difference Between Lifespan and Healthspan

07:42 The Quality of Years and Avoiding Chronic Disease

14:12 Practical Steps to Boost Energy and Health in Retirement

22:46 Being Intentional and Overcoming Fear in Retirement

36:30 The Importance of Strength Training and Muscle Mass

45:19 Enjoyment, Consistency, and the Truth in Aging

49:25 Material Possessions and Ill Health

51:10 The Importance of Health in the 30-45 Age Group

52:11 The Point of Accumulating Wealth

52:54 The Value of Health

53:35 Al Lyman's Second Half

57:16 Living Stronger in the Second Half

58:41 The Importance of Health in Retirement

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