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How To Have An Epic Retirement with Bec Wilson


In this episode, I get to have a great conversation with Bec Wilson, author of 'How to Have an Epic Retirement,' to discuss the key themes and pillars of retirement planning. Bec shares her journey into the retirement space and the inspiration behind her book. We discuss the importance of understanding lifespan and healthspan, as well as the financial confidence needed for retirement. Bec emphasises the need for proactive health management and the role of exercise and diet in healthy aging. The conversation highlights the interconnectedness of time, money, and health in creating an epic retirement. We have a great discussion about the 5 pillars of retirement: time, money, health, happiness, and your home as you age. We delve into the importance of happiness and fulfilment in retirement, emphasising the need for social interaction and meaningful activities. Finally, Bec introduces the five big stages of retirement: pre-euphoria, adjustment, euphoria, post-euphoria, and frailty.


  • Social interaction and building relationships are crucial for happiness and fulfilment in retirement.

  • Making informed decisions about housing can help minimise financial risks and maximise retirement enjoyment.

  • The five big stages of retirement are pre-euphoria, adjustment, euphoria, post-euphoria, and frailty.

  • Planning for retirement should include considerations for physical and mental health to maintain independence and minimise time spent in frailty.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 The Six Pillars of Retirement

24:36 Time: Understanding Lifespan and Healthspan

32:48 Money: Financial Confidence and Planning

39:04 Health: Taking Care of Your Body and Mind

43:32 Pillar 4: Happiness and Fulfillment

47:41 Pillar 5: Your Home as You Age

57:15 The Five Big Stages of Retirement

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