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Lessons and experiences through the lens of a real-life retirement journey with Andy Murphy


In this episode of the Humans vs Retirement podcast, I’m so fortunate to be able to have a conversation with my client and good friend, Andy Murphy, to hear about his experiences and challenges in retirement. Andy shares his career story and how he began to think seriously about retirement. We discuss how important planning and preparation was for Andy, as well as the emotional and psychological adjustments that he has had to make and continues to work through. This episode provides a first-hand perspective on the realities of life after work and offers valuable insights for anyone approaching retirement.

What You’ll Learn

  • The financial and non-financial aspects of retirement.

  • A real-life transition into retirement.

  • Why involving partners in retirement planning is crucial.

  • Getting your affairs in order is an important part of the planning phase.

  • How to think and pursuing passions in retirement

  • The importance of being flexible with your retirement plans

  • Where to find value in retirement

  • Why seeking professional and specialist advice is vital.

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About My Guest

Andy had a long, successful 40+ year career working across a variety of roles for one of the big American banks. 5 years ago, Andy wanted to get his affairs in order to eventually retire from the bank. However, this first venture into retirement planning caused more questions than answers. Andy has been retired just over 12 months and now sees himself as a Music Discoverer! As well as his love of music, he enjoys fine art and cooking.

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