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The four anchors of retirement well-being with Pauline Johnson-Zielonka


In this episode of the Humans vs Retirement podcast, Dan is joined by author and founder of Retirement Life Plan, Pauline Johnson-Zielonka, to discuss our brain's battle with retirement. Polly, who has a PhD in human and organisational systems and a background in industrial psychology, shares her knowledge and approach to understanding retirement by drawing from positive psychology, social psychology, and industrial psychology. Together, Dan and Polly explore ways to help listeners overcome the behavioural, emotional, and financial challenges of life after work.

What You’ll Learn

The listener will learn about:

  • The challenges of retirement and how to prepare for them

  • Social and psychological adjustments

  • Finding new avenues for fulfilling experiences

  • Building strong social networks outside of work.

  • The need to consider personal priorities and circumstances.

  • Seeking out retirement couples therapy or counselling to create a shared vision for retirement.

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About My Guest

Polly Johnson-Zielonka is the author of the book Retirement Life Plan and a highly qualified guest on the Humans vs Retirement podcast. She holds a PhD in human and organizational systems and has a background in industrial psychology. Polly's book is full of thoughtful research, relatable case studies, and actionable reflective questions, making it a valuable resource for those considering retirement. She emphasizes the importance of individuality and personal values when planning for retirement, as well as considering the needs of any partners or relationships. Polly currently resides in Orange County, California.

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