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How to Not Fade Away But Thrive in Retirement with Celia Dodd


In this episode of the Humans vs Retirement podcast, I get to have a great conversation with journalist and author Celia Dodd about her book "Not Fade Away: How to Thrive in Retirement". The conversation focuses on the emotional challenges of retirement and offers practical examples of real people who have gone through retirement that Celia spent time with when writing the book. Celia shares her expertise and research on the retirement, offering insight and advice for those looking to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement. I encourage everyone to check out Celia’s book with a link to buy it in the show notes.

What You’ll Learn

  • The emotional and practical challenges of retirement

  • The importance of planning and adaptability

  • The need to find purpose and meaning in retirement through soul searching and exploration.

  • The importance of finding new pursuits and interests

  • The challenges and opportunities of retirement for couples.

Useful Resources

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About My Guest

Celia Dodd is the author of a ground-breaking book about retirement, Not Fade Away, which was serialised in the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. She acts as a consultant on retirement courses, and last year created a retirement preparation toolkit for Hampshire Police Force.

Celia appears regularly on radio (including Woman’s Hour) to talk about retirement and other issues that affect the over-50s. Her other books include The Empty Nest: Your changing family, your new direction and All Grown Up, which is about relationships with adult children.

As well as writing books she is a feature-writer for national newspapers and magazines, including The Times, The Independent and Radio Times.

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