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How to find happiness and flourish in your retirement with Dr Andy Cope


Today’s conversation is with the Dr of Happiness, Dr Andy Cope. Andy is a wellbeing expert, best-selling author and in his words a recovering academic. He specialises in positive psychology and the science of human flourishing. The reward for grinding out his Loughborough PhD is that he gets to call himself a Dr of Happiness.

If you put the cheesy title to one side, Andy believes there has never been a more important time to focus on mental health and wellbeing. He has been described as a ‘wellbeing revolutionary’ and his mission is to change the narrative and re-focus psychology away from what’s wrong with people to what’s right. His messages act as a gentle nudge towards people taking charge of their own mental health.

Andy’s books are frequently on the best-sellers list. The Art of Being Brilliant’, Shine’, and ‘Zest’ have all topped the personal development charts. The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence’ and Leadership: Multiplier Effect’ are riding high in the business charts and Happiness Route Map was nominated as The Independent’s best self-help book of the year. Andy also moonlights as a children’s author. His ‘Spy Dog’ series has sold in excess of a million copies worldwide.

In this conversation Andy and I discusses the importance of focusing on wellbeing and happiness, especially during retirement. He explains that traditional psychology has primarily focused on fixing mental health issues rather than promoting wellness. Andy emphasises the need to shift the focus to happiness and flourishing, and shares insights from positive psychology. He highlights the significance of living in the present moment and finding contentment in simple experiences and positive relationships. Andy also challenges the notion of retirement as a destination for happiness and encourages individuals to prioritize their wellbeing throughout their lives.

Andy emphasises the need to focus on mental wealth and living one's best life. Andy shares his journey of accidentally stumbling upon the science of living a happier life and the intentional strategies that happy people employ. They also discuss the power of reframing internal and learned beliefs and the challenge of unlearning bad habits. He highlights the importance of saying yes to growth and new experiences, as well as saying no to things that don't bring joy. They also touch on the significance of quality relationships, being present, and the negative impact of social media on happiness.


  • Traditional psychology has primarily focused on fixing mental health issues rather than promoting wellness.

  • Positive psychology emphasises the importance of happiness and flourishing.

  • Finding contentment in simple experiences and positive relationships is key to living a fulfilling life.

  • Retirement should not be seen as the sole destination for happiness; it is important to prioritise wellbeing throughout life. Wellbeing and happiness should be prioritised in retirement, as they contribute to a fulfilling life.

  • Positive psychology can help reframe internal and learned beliefs, leading to a happier mindset.

  • Unlearning bad habits and letting go of negative thoughts and behaviours is essential for personal growth and happiness.

  • Saying yes to growth and new experiences, and saying no to things that don't bring joy, can enhance happiness in retirement.

  • Quality relationships and being present in the moment are key determinants of happiness.

  • The negative impact of social media on happiness should be recognised, and time spent on it should be reduced.

Sound Bites

"There are people out there with a smile on their face and a spring in their step."

"Positive psychology is about equipping people with the knowledge and skills to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing."

"The happiest moments in life are often simple experiences with loved ones."

"They don't talk about wellbeing in a way that they should absolutely talk about wellbeing."

"Living your best life and being your best self wasn't a thing."

"The biggest barrier to me feeling amazing was actually me."


00:00 Introduction and Andy's Journey to Becoming the Doctor of Happiness

09:03 The Importance of Wellbeing and Happiness

16:02 Shifting the Focus to Happiness and Flourishing

23:06 Retirement: A Journey of Wellbeing and Happiness

24:25 Prioritising Wellbeing and Happiness in Retirement

28:12 The Power of Reframing Beliefs and Unlearning

32:08 Saying Yes to Growth and No to Unwanted Obligations

36:48 The Importance of Quality Relationships and Being Present

40:54 The Negative Impact of Social Media on Happiness


The Art of Brilliance

Humans Vs Retirement 

Let's talk about your retirement!

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